Ozonated Olive Oil

Brief introduction about ozonated olive oil

Ozonated Olive Oil

Ozonated Oils are made with pure oxygen and can provide a variety of benefits.

Ozonated oils are rapidly growing in popularity. Why? Combine the potential benefits of ozone with the skin and beauty benefits of olive,  jojoba, hemp, coconut and sunflower oils and you have a perfect addition to your health and beauty routine.  

Introduction of ozonated olive oil:

Ozonated olive oil is an extra virgin olive oil that has been added to medical ozone. Under cold storage condition, it will be very sticky and contains a smelly oxide. Ozonide is a long chain mocule that is bound to a new or active oxygen molecule. Ozonated olive oil can release active oxygen molecules which allows the virus to lose its vitality, leading to the dissolution of anaerobic bacteria, and killing of the original organisms, yeast and other harmful organisms.Ozonized olive oil is widely used in many applications all over the world. Ozonated Olive Oil is the "everything" oil.  It is used for wound care, skin issues, dry skin, eczema, diaper rash and dozens more.

Application of ozonated olive oil:

Ozonated oilve oil can be used for the treatment of periodontal abscess. The study finds that bacteria can be hidden in the periodontal pocket for 24 hours, in order to facilitate the organic matter caused by gum infection or destruction of bone. After a thorough cleaning of the teeth, gums and periodontal pocket, the use of ozone olive oil every day can destroy a large number of bacteria, and prevent them from breeding. This can effectively reduce bone loss and infection.

 How to get ozonated olive oil:

1. Switch on the ozone generator.

2. Connect Teflon hose with the ozone outlet of the ozone generator equipment.

3. Connect with air stone (bubble stone) with Teflon hose.

4. Put the bubble stone in the olive oil, then the ozone gas will inject into the olive oil.

5. Keep the ozone generator equipment working 24 or 30 hours.Then, conserve the ozonated olive oil under the condition of temperature 0—5℃.

6. In general, the olive oil will become more densely during the treatment with by ozone. Therefore, please replace air stone regularly to make sure the ozone gas inject into the oil.

7. In order to prevent olive oil return into ozone generator (that will damaged the ozone generator unit), please install the ozone generator or Teflon hose at the place higher than the surface of the olive oil by 50cm.

8. It is better to use high ozone concentration to produce ozonated oil. (many factories of ozonated oil choose 90MG/L ozone gas on them). Currently, the ozone concentration of our product Lonlf-OXF030, OXF050, OXF200 are between 100—145MG/L.

9. Please take care and recycle ozone offgas out of the olive oil.

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