Ozone Applied in Swimming Pool Water Treatment

O3tech 2016-9-13 17:45:43


The traditional theory of ozone disinfection for swimming pool think ozone has a very strong oxidant and toxic, so ozone is absolutely not allowed to enter the swimming pool. Because the proportion of ozone is greater than the air, if the ozone is separated from the water, it will float on the surface, and form a high concentration of the ozone layer. It is easy to be inhaled and cause poisoning. So, when the water back into the swimming pool after the reaction of water and ozone, the water must pass through the ozone removing device to prevent the remaining ozone into the swimming pool. After the ozone removing device, in order to maintain long-lasting bactericidal effect, chlorine preparation need be added.

The traditional swimming pool water treatment ozone disinfection method has the following characteristics:


1 The ozone dosage is 0.8-1.0mg/1;


2 There must be a large volume of ozone generator to ensure that the reacting time of ozone and water is not less than 2 minutes;


3 After ensuring the reaction between ozone and water, the residual ozone concentration in water is not less than 0.4mg/1;


4 All residual ozone should be removed by activated carbon before entering the swimming pool;


5 After Ozone disinfection then adding chlorine disinfectant, make chlorine to reach 0.3-0.6mg/1;