5g/H Ozone Generator Model: OTH-005

Product Description:

Electrical Control

The electrical supply of the OTH-005 Ozone generator consists of the following components:

- Main voltage power supply (220V)

- Electrical main switch

- Indicator light

- 1 x High voltage transformer (Module) for one ozone tube;

- 2 x Fuses

Other Components:

Flow meter 0-20L/M: this flow meter controls the airflow into the ozone generating tubes. 

Air pump: The pump provides a constant airflow through the ozone tubes which help with the cooling of the tubes.

Fans (220V): these fans are for cooling of the PC boards and the ozone generating tubes.

Application Scope:

Ozone can be used for air disinfection in operation room, bed-ward, the aseptic workshop, food processing working shop, cold Storage, fruit storage and etc.


It should be closed space if used ozone on air disinfection, and nobody permitted to enter when the ozone generator working and within 30 minutes after working.


a. Odor Removal and Air Sterilization


    Generally, the required ozone concentration will be 0.5PPM if used on odor removal or air sterilization; and required much higher concentration if used surface disinfection of the 

    objects (ozone concentration:1PPM-10PPM).


b. The local temperature and relative humidity will affect the efficiency of the ozone sterilization, especially for the relative humidity


     Basically, there is no any efficiency for the suspended microorganism in the air if the humidity less than 40%. And the efficiency will increase if humidity exceeds 60%, and will be in 

     max efficiency  at 95%.


c. Food Processing Working Shop


     It requires 0.5-1.0PPM of ozone gas, and can kill 80% natural bacteria in air.


d.  Cold Storage


     It requires ozone concentration 6-10PPM. After keeping working for 24 hours, it can kill 90% bacterium and 80% mould in the air.  


e.  Fruit Storage


      To use 2-3.0 PPM ozone gas can restrain the growing of mould and several times extend the storage period.

Product Specification:

Product name: Ozone Generator

Model: OTH-005

Ozone output: 5Grams/H

Ozone concentration:15-21mg/L

Voltage:  220V/50HZ/60HZ

Electronic current: 210W

Feeding raw material: dry air

Ozone tube type: glass tube

Net weight: 15KGS

Gross weight: 18KGS

Unit size:500×380×220(mm)

Packing size: 620×350×460(mm)