The Development of Medical Ozone  

O3tech 2016-9-5 11:52:10


Medical ozone originated from the end of the 19th century, when people have adopted simple ozone generator equipment for preparation of medical ozone. In that time people start to carry out the treatment of battle wound, like the phototherapy of surgical infection and trench foot. The major treatment is to do a debridement by using the temporary preparation water odor which is prepared temporarily. The main function of ozone treatment is broad-spectrum sterilization, anti-inflammatory and promoting tissue regeneration mechanism. Because of the good effect, thereby the interest of medical ozone was aroused greatly.

Medical ozone gradually spread across the world. In the process of the development of ozone medicine, because of the following characteristics:

1 Strong oxidation

2 Contribution to blood circulation

3 Promotion the blood red yolk to release oxygen to increase the level of oxygen metabolism

 4 Immune thriller and flat efficiency

 5 Broad spectrum antimicrobial efficiency

 6 Scavenging free radical efficiency

 7 Removing tumor cells

Nowadays, ozone medicine has got a great development in the world scope. Some foreign web sites can be used to prove it: the international medical ozone Society or ozone therapy or ozone therapy center.

The application of ozone in modern medicine:

1 Ozone nucleus pulposus ablation

2 The injection of ozone for painful point

3 The injection for the link cavity with inflammation

4 Small autologous blood therapy for Immune thriller flat therapy

5 Large autologous blood transfusion therapy for ischemic arterial disease

6 The ozone water therapy for surgical debridement

7 Ozone therapy for burns

8 Ozone therapy for tumour

9 Treatment of diabetic with ozone by foot

Other, etc.