The Superiority of Ozone Disinfection Methods

O3tech 2014-10-22 15:53:30

The Superiority of Ozone Disinfection Methods

Nowadays, ozone is used more and more widely and it has been used in many fields. For example, ozone can be used for air purification, water treatment, food storage and so on. In most occassions, ozone works as a kind of disinfectant and it has many advantages compared with other disinfectants.

 The superiority of ozone disinfection methods:

 Superior to chemical disinfection methods:

  • The ozone bactericidal ability is similar with C2H4O3, and higher than KMno4, HCHO and SO2.
  • Ozone itself is decomposed into oxygen, no residual contamination, no need ventilation after sterilization.
  • Conventional disinfection required ventilation or chemical neutralization after sterilization, it will be a trouble and meanwhile reduce disinfection effect.
  • Ozone can be directly used for the food sterilization or fresh keeping and mold preventing; The food oxidation is very small, and no harmless for food.

 Superior to UV irradiation;

  • Ozone can expand everywhere well. Ultraviolet radiation will have bactericidal effect only when irradiate to the surface only and must with the certain irradiation intensity criteria. Generally, the food workshop will be high. And the ultraviolet radiation intensity is not enough, and hardly to reach every corners, such as under the processing board. 
  • The required disinfection time is short. Basically need 1 hour under the permitted ozone concentration, and exceed 6 hours for UV irradiation.
  • The ozone disinfection effect under the higher humidity will be better. The Ultraviolet disinfection
     effect will decreased much if the humidity up to 60%, and may induce bacteria resurrection if the humidity up to 80%; However, ozone sterilization effect will be better with humidity growing. This is because the cell membrane under high humidity expansion thinning,the organization is easily to be destroyed by ozone. The higher humidity environment is very common in food processing industry. So to choose ozone as disinfection will be particularly suitable.
  • Ozone has lower concentration keep cleaning function. Personnel must leave when UV irradiation production, and after production, cant use the low-power ultraviolet radiation to keep cleaning; The personnel must leave too when the ozone generator working, but after working can reduce the ozone amount to keep cleaning.

 Deodorizing purification effect is good

Ozone has strong oxidizing properties, can quickly decompose the odour smell and other organic or inorganic substances to meet the level of deodorizing purification, the odor source material is broken down into harmless substances.