Later Development of Ozone Therapy

O3tech 2015-12-25 18:10:31

Later Development of Ozone Therapy

In 1988, Italian physician Vega first tried to inject ozone into the lumbar paravertebral space in the treatment of lumbago, and it achieved good curative effect .

In 1998,Muto reported the first article in the treatment of lumbar disc herniation byO2 ~ O3 mixed gas disc injection. Author in CT or fluoroscopy guided, with 30ug/ mL concentration on intradiscal injection of 2ml and neural root and duraloutside injection 8ml, 93 patients in the group, ranging in age from 24 to 45years, mainly for persistent low back pain and radicular pain. The first group(n = 35) has been listed as the operation object and imaging display intervertebral foramen and lateral protrusion, posterior longitudinal ligament prominent nucleus pulposus and free, this group of no improvement; the second group of 58 cases of radicular pain but no neurological deficit and highlight the extent lighter, 45 cases obtained excellent effect. In follow-up visits ofJune, there were no complications.

In the years of 2003, Andreula reported 600 cases of patients with clinical treatment experience in the Journal . Clinical evaluation was carried out in June, and thetotal effective rate was 74.3%. The authors believe that the use of cortical hormone nerve root block in a statistically significant difference, O3 27ug/ml concentration is safe and effective.

n 2004,Muto, Andreula, and Marco jointly published the results of a multi centerstudy. A total of 22 patients, from May 1996 to May 2003, were selected,including disc herniation secondary disc degeneration, single or multiple discdegeneration, post operative low back syndrome, intervertebral disc calcification,disc herniation and spinal stenosis. Clinical follow up of 1400 cases, 75% weresuccessful. 420 cases were followed up with CT or MRI, and the disc retraction was only 63%. No neurological deficits and infection were reported.

Alexandre reported the results of 6665 cases of the multicenter study  from 1994 to 2000. It showed that the excellent rate is 80.9%.

Since 2000, Southern hospital interventional department took the first lead to carrying out the operation at home. Until September of 2008 it has treated more than 2000 cases,and the effective rate attained to 82.25%.