Ozone Application on Agriculture

O3tech 2013-2-19 14:30:08

Ozone Application on Agriculture

Application on Agriculture:

Ozone is a colorless gas with odor, it will become a kind of strong oxidant when dissolved in water, has strong killing effect on living cells. The ozone generator can change the oxygen in the air into ozone through the corona discharge. In recent years, to carry out demonstration test on greenhouse vegetable pest in Xi'an surrounding greenhouse, and achieved good results;


1.Safe, high efficient and low cost; Ozone can achieve a multi-purpose, and prevention of diseases for many different disease,and low cost. Compared with spraying pesticide, the ozone is more convenient,efficient, safe, can greatly reduce the use of pesticides.Avoid the farmers usethe high toxicity, high pesticide residues, thereby reducing the cost of drugusage.

2. Pollution-free.Ozone is not stable in the dry air, can be quickly change to oxygen, so there will be no pollution, no residue in plants and fruit; it is an important way torealize the pollution-free vegetable production.

3. Improving quality and increasing production. After testing, malformed fruit of Tomato in green house was reduced obviously after using ozone, the production increased about 20%, and big fruit, good color, taste good.