Usage Method of Ozone Application in Agriculture

O3tech 2013-4-19 15:17:47

Usage Method of Ozone Application in Agriculture

It is well-known thatozone can be used in many applications such aspharmaceutical, chemical, municipal, sewage treatment and other industriesscopes. In addition to that, ozone can also be used in agriculture to killpests and bacteria adhered to plants and fruits. But what is the method used inagriculture? 

Usage method

1. Seed treatment: Inject the ozone gas into water and stir constantly, to ozonated water after 10 minutes. The seeds put into the ozonated water 15-20 minutes can kill the virus seed surface, bacteria and eggs;

2. Greenhouse pest control; Smoked shed disinfection. Inject the ozone gas in greenhouse10 days before planting combined with high temperature. The injecting time is not less than 2 hours;

3. Prevention pet diseases of seedbed. Seal seedbed firstly, injecting ozone every10 squaremeters for 1 minutes, with air tight fumigation for 10 minutes, then take ventilation 30 minutes;

Pest controlling after planting.

Inject ozone continuous per Mu(666 square meter) or 7-10 minutes, and then sealed fumigation for 15-20 minutes, then ventilationfor 30 minute; Injecting ozone for pest free green shed every5-7 days, continuous injecting 5 times; After each 2-3 injecting time, add 5minutes and finally to be 25 minutes; The fumigation time also increased 5-10minutes after each 2-3 injecting.

It has been proved by the experience, ozone is good effect to control the following diseases:Botrytis cinerea, leaf mold, early blight, late blight , cucumber downy mildew, blight and greenhouse whitefly, aphids, leaf miner. But there isno effect for greenhouse soil of diseases and pests, because the ozone gas into the soil is too low, the concentration is too low.