Advantges and Disadvantages of Venturi and Its Appication

O3tech 2013-8-20 18:03:37

Advantges and Disadvantages of Venturi and Its Appication


Widely used in water treatment(dissolved ozone and chlorine dioxide sterilization, oxygenation in addition toiron), chemical industry, aquaculture, direct drinking water machine,petroleum,machinery, electric power, metallurgy, textile, ships, instruments and national defense industry etc.

The advantages:

1.Simple structure, safe operation, low cost, quick effect, no power consumption;

2. Not affected by all kinds of radiation, electro magnetic waves, and has corrosion resistance, earthquake, explosion and high and low temperature resistance and other characteristics, suitable for application in a variety of environments;

3. Jet element can be made very small, and the electronic technology can beintegrated.


The action is slow compared with the electronic components, and can’t remote control.