The Advantages of Ozone Disinfection Applied in Catering Industry

O3tech 2016-4-27 11:56:00

The Advantages of Ozone Disinfection Applied in Catering Industry

There are many advantages of ozone disinfection applied in the catering industry: flexible, low cost, obvious effect, and without negative effect.

1# Not only can the tableware disinfection, but also has others function which others normal disinfection equipment do not possess (disinfection ability of catering area and kitchen equipment), degradation of harmful residues in fruits and vegetables contain pesticides and hormones in meat products, avoid the occurrence of food poisoning.

2# Ozone can be directly to the kitchen, dining room, refrigerator, the knife dish rack, breeding, storage room disinfection, and ozonated water disinfection could be used also.

3#Ozone or ozonated water can be used for plastic, porcelain products which cannot be disinfected under the high-temperature.

4# Adopt the ozonated water to wash vegetable, fruits and meat could degrade the harmful hormone degradation and the pesticide residues.

5# Ozone disinfection required for a short time, simple operation, and not need to clean after disinfection.

6# There are no harmful residues, and no secondary pollution for environment. Ozone will automatically decompose into oxygen, no smell, no pollution, and disinfection is complete, good effect.

7# Ozone disinfection is lower cost. Ozone disinfection mainly to use the air as raw material, the power consumption is much lower than the disinfection cabinet, the tableware can be directly used without drying.