Ozone Applied in Key Control Points of Dairy Farming and Dairy Products Protection

O3tech 2016-6-16 17:25:54

Application of Ozone in the key Control Points of Dairy Farming and Healthy Protection of Dairy Products

The quality control of any terminal product is a system engineering, each link is interrelated, from the source to the terminal should be included in the key control point HACCP( Hazard analysis and critical control point). At present, for aquatic products, meat products, fruit and vegetable juice products processing, international community has been more mature HACCP safety control system model and perfected in practice. In China, food safety control researchers are applying HACCP principles in the processing of tea and its products, beer, soft drinks, frozen vegetables, dairy products and spices, and has achieved initial success.

China's dairy industry is in a period of vigorous development without keeping up with the application of HACCP system, and the fact is lots of companies are under "company plus farmers" mode of operation except few large dairy groups.Therefore, dairy farming and health protection of product is difficult to reach the standard.If ozone can be applied to the key control points of dairy farms and health security of dairy products,many problems will be solved smoothly and easily. This technology is not only practical in large dairy groups, but also suitable for promotion of small dairy farms.

Ozone (03, also known as three oxygen, active oxygen) is a highly efficient broad-spectrum fungicide, with no second pollution, no sanitary dead angle. Its inherent advantages determine the foundation that it will inevitably widely used in the food industry.In 1997, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) abandoned the GRAS application. GRAS, means " generally recognized as safe" (Note: the official label on the United States’ Food),is a sign that determines the safety of ozone.Ozone (03) has become widely used in food processing industry, ozone generator has been listed as a necessary equipment for the food industry.

The technical essentials of ozone for dairy farms and the key control points of dairy hygiene are as follows:

1.   Healthy cowshed

Perfect facilities and clean cowshed can make cows in good health condition and prevent disease.No matter the facilities, cleaning and disinfection must be done regularly.Ozone disinfection cowshed should be installed with wall –mounted ozone generator (3g03/h), using 2 to 3 times a day, 20-30 minutes each time.The number of generator depends on the size of the cowshed.Ozone bactericidal concentration can be controlled at 6-1Oppm (i.e. 6-1Omg/m3).

2.   Routine hoof bath

In order to prevent the cow hobble, it should check(cut) the cow's hooves regularly. Hoof bath should be take after the hoof check(cut). The traditional hoof bath disinfection liquid is Faure Marin (formaldehyde), copper sulfate or zinc sulfate is also used. When the Faure Marin bath water’s temperature lowered below 15 degrees, its efficacy will be reduced.When copper sulfate or zinc sulfate has been brought into the milking hall by cow hooves, it will corrode metal pipes. If it uses the ozone water that generated by ozone aeration for hoof bath, not only disinfection can be done, but also avoid chemicals taking into products, breaking the production chain of green products at the same time. It has therapeutic effect to the injured or infected hooves. Ozone water can treat trauma, promote wound healing, and has been applied to the human body surgery long ago.

3.  Disinfection of drinking water

Drinking water for dairy cows should be disinfected. Ozone aerated disinfection of drinking water blocks the disease that spreads by water. Ozone water has a significant effect on vesicular stomatitis.

4.  Air disinfection in the milking hall

Milking hall is the busiest place and has the maximum flow of people and goods.HACCP here is the bacteria in the air must be disinfected.Compared with other disinfectants, ozone has incomparable advantages: no second pollution, no sanitation dead angle. The bactericidal effect of ozone is better while the environmental humidity is greater.Ultraviolet disinfection has sanitation dead angle, and when the humidity reaches 70% or more, there is no bactericidal effect.Milking hall has very high humidity, and ozone disinfection is the most suitable for high humidity industry.Ozone disinfection for the milking hall takes 2 hours and should be carried out 3 hours before milking. Half an hour after the shutdown, the staff can get to work in the milking hall.

Ozone is an efficient broad-spectrum sterilization and has a strong ability to kill Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, foot-and-mouth disease virus, blister of vesicular stomatitis virus, Bacillus subtilis, var.niger spores, hepatitis B virus bacteria and so on. When the ozone concentration reaches the lethal concentration of certain bacteria, sterilization is done in an instant. The sterilization rate is 99.99%.

5.  Disinfection of milk delivery pipes and containers

Ozone water disinfection to the conveying pipes and containers of milk is the most effective, time-saving and trouble-saving. When Ozone water concentration reaches 1mg/L to l.5mg/L, escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, black mold, yeast, hepatitis B surface antigen HBXAg can be killed in 1.5 minutes. This machine uses advanced physical oxygen principle, separate oxygen and nitrogen in the air directly under the normal temperature and pressure by pressure swing adsorption effect of the oxygen making tower, so as to obtain high purity oxygen. Then using the corona discharge method to obtain the ozone: under normal pressure, the oxygen containing gas generates ozone by corona discharge under the action of alternating high voltage electric field. A certain concentration of ozone water was obtained by mixing water and ozone in the air and liquid mixing system.

6.   Dairy production and packaging disinfection

The air of the environment must be disinfected during dairy production process and packaging to kill a variety of bacteria, including yeast, so to avoid dairy products continue to ferment and affecting the quality of products.During the whole process of the dairy production, ambient air disinfection is very important, especially the pasteurized milk and fermented milk production of canned workshop, milk powder packaging workshop, and cold production molding and packaging workshop. Control the low temperature bacteria of raw milk by disinfection and sterilization. The way is: normal cleaning for the work equipment, operating table, containers, production lines and other production equipment, ozone water spraying at room temperature (or immersion), or after the ozone gas fumigation, left them natural drying.