Application Of Ozone In Air Cleaner

O3tech 2016-6-21 9:08:16

Application Of Ozone In Air Cleaner

Because the ozone has an efficient disinfection efficacy,a lot of air purifiers are coupled with the ozone generation system, so as to strengthen the effect of sterilization and disinfection while purifying the air.Due to technical limitations, once the amount of ozone is out of control, it is easy to pollute the indoor air, affect the normal life and work, and very detrimental to the human body.


Electrostatic dust removal technology makes gas ionization by the use of electrostatic field,so as to generate a large number of electrons and ions.They move toward the poles under the action of the electric field force,meet the dust particles and bacteria in the air flow and make it charged during the process of moving. The dust particles are charged and adsorbed to the electrode,so the purification is done.


This technology is accompanied by corona discharge, it will inevitably produce ozone.Many consumers will be scared stiff by the luxury,large and level up technical name while chosing the air purifier, and unable to get the core technology. During the later use, the continuous generating of ozone has become the most annoying thing and it has seriously affected the daily use of air purifier.


Compared with this technology, the negative ion technology has a great advantage.The nanofullerene negative ion release device technology (Patent No. 201020263299.7), currently approved by the national utility model patent technology, is clearly marked with the release of negative ions of high purity, without additional ozone and other derivatives.With using this patented technology of the negative ion, the air purifier has two independent systems: the negative ion system and the ozone timing system. Negative ion system can complete the air purification excellently for daily use.


This multifunctional negative ion air purifier releases high concentrations of ozone by a separate ozone generator and controlled by an individual switch. Ozone and negative ion function is divided into two separate systems.Only when the ozone switch is turned on, will it be released.It is generally used when people leaves the room. It mainly used for fruit and vegetable detoxification, meat hormone decomposition, air sterilization, home improvement pollution control and so on.


So through the above comprehensive analysis, we can see that not all of the air purifier will occur ozone leak, check the core technology is the most critical while purchasing the machine.