Effect of Ozone Applied on Eutrophication Water Treatment

O3tech 2016-3-20 16:45:59

Effect of Ozone Applied on Eutrophication Water Treatment

Water eutrophication refers to water lakes and other water bodies receive excess nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients, resulting in algae and other aquatic organisms overproduction, water clarity decreased, dissolved oxygen decreased, resulting in deterioration of water quality of lakes, lead to the lake ecosystem damage and destruction. The adverse effects of eutrophication on water quality: Algae lead to bad smell: odor-causing microbes in water mainly are actinomycetes, algae and fungi. Algae produce toxins: certain algae under certain circumstances will produce toxin, these toxin is harmful for health.

Ozone is a strong oxidant, it is readily reacted with -C = C- double bond of organic matter in water. Ozone and organic reaction results is usually smaller the molecular weight of organic, make aromatic disappears, make polar enhanced, biodegrade ability is improved. Based on above characteristics, ozone in eutrophication water treatment can play a role in a variety of deodorant, decoloration, removal of algae.

Remove the smell: the efficiency of ozone odor removal is higherthan other oxidizing agents (such as chlorine, chlorine dioxide, potassium permanganate), ozone dosage of 1 ~ 3mg / L can achieve the required threshold.

Decoloration: APHA in water generally is caused chemical substance contain -C = C- or benzene ring (such as humus) and metal ions, etc. Ozone can react with -C = C- and destroy benzene ring; while can oxidize the iron ion, manganese ion and other colorful inorganic ions, so ozone has good bleaching ability.

Removing algae: algae problem exists in water treatment practice. High algae content will affect the coagulation and sedimentation, increase the amount of coagulant; Clogged the filter, shorten the cycle of the filtration process; Cause odor and produce algal toxins, and react with chlorine to produce chloridize disinfection byproducts, reduce the safety of drinking water. Effect of ozone treatment: one role is dissolve and crack the algal cells, second is to kill algae, dead algae is easily removed in subsequent process. Ozone can be used as a pretreatment method for algae removal, combine ozone treatment with other conventional treatment techniques is an effective way to deal with the problem of algae of eutrophication water source. Algae toxin is becoming another key pollution problem, under certain conditions, ozone can effectively remove some algal toxins.