Ozone Disinfection of Fruits and Vegetables

O3tech 2016-5-27 14:42:27

Ozone Disinfection of Fruits and Vegetables

With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standard, people's demand for food and health is higher and higher. Traditional methods of cleaning and disinfection of fruits and vegetables are clearly not up to much higher sanitary standards. It has been proved that the disinfection effect of ozone sterilization is good and there is no secondary pollution and residue.


Ozone disinfection has significant effect on killing pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables.

As a strong oxidant, its effect of reducing the pesticide and removing bacteria is 1.5 times the effect of chlorine, and its sterilization rate is 600 - 3000 times faster than chlorine. At room temperature, ozone can be naturally reduced to oxygen, and the decay time is 15 minutes to 22 minutes. Ozone is a highly efficient and rapid drug removing and sterilizing agent. It can quickly resolve pesticide residues in a short period of time, so that bacteria, viruses can quickly be eliminated.    


Ozone used for fruits and vegetables disinfection and sterilization

Ozone water can be generated by mixing ozone with water. Ozone concentration of our company’s products can be as high as 10mg/L effectively and eliminate pesticides in fruits and vegetables, fertilizer and biological hormone residues and a variety of bacteria, pathogens so as to reduce the harm to human body.

Using ozone water to soak vegetables and fruits can kill bacteria and viruses  from the outside to the inside, degrade chemical fertilizer and pesticide residues and activate plant cells to enable you to eat natural taste, nutrient rich fruits and vegetables. Pesticide residues can be removed more than 95% without any loss of nutrients while prolong the preservation time.


Ozone gas plays a great role in fruits and vegetables preservation

Install ozone generator in the storage room from the ground 2 / 3 of the height of the wall, 1-2 hours every boot, try to close the garage door and maintain and increase the concentration of ozone to 12---22 mg / kg, and the indoor humidity control in about 80%. In the case of larger humidity, the effect of sterilization can be greatly improved. It can fully kill the bacteria in fruits and vegetables, while inhibiting the growth of bacteria, to maintain the freshness and tasty of fruits and vegetables for a long time.


Ozone has broad application prospects in pesticide residues removal, sterilization and food preservation due to its strong oxidation, sterilization, easy decomposition and no residue characteristics.