Health Care Function of Ozone Machine

O3tech 2016-6-15 16:26:17

Health Care Function of Ozone Machine

Ozone machine is accepted by more and more people, thus affecting our daily life. I believe that in the near future we can use the word "closely related" to describe the ozone machine and our relationship. It is now well known to us all that ozone can protect the ozone layer in the atmosphere on the earth's life- it absorbs most of the sun's ultraviolet rays, which are harmful to animals and plants. On the premise of the right amount, it is a protection umbrella granted by God.

Ozone can be easily soluble in water. It can be used for sterilization and disinfection, quickly clear muddy water, used for family baths and lower hip bath. Bubble bath can make the skin white, smooth and tender and eliminate germs, make systemic skin vascular endings be absorbed into the fresh oxygen, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism and protect the skin against the aging process.

Ozone sitz bath has effect for diseases prevention, beauty and anti-aging, obesity prevention and life prolonging. According to reports, the application of ozone is very popular in beauty industry in Europe and America.


Two characteristics of the role of ozone on human body:

When existing in the state of ozone, it can deep clean pores, remove obstruction and bacteria, make the skin smooth due to its disinfection and sterilization effect; it can also remove dead skin, make skin smooth and tender.

When it is reduced to oxygen, it can enter the body through the respiratory system and skin, therefore, increase blood oxygen content, promote blood circulation, regulate metabolism and improve human immunity.

Ozone water can also be used to disinfect women, children's underwear, diapers, bags. It can play a particularly significant role in health care.

It can also used for fruits and vegetables, seafood, meat preservation, sterilization and disinfection. It can also eliminate odor.

At the same time it has the function of degrading residual phosphorus pesticide on fruit and vegetable surface. Ozone water can accelerate wound healing and prevent infection.