Medical Function of Ozone

O3tech 2016-5-13 14:44:24

Medical Function of Ozone

Medical function of ozone includes five aspects and the treatment methods are also up to six kinds. Now let’s give a detailed explanation one by one in the following passage:

 Ozone (O3) can kill bacteria, fungi and viruses quickly and completely.
Ozone destruction live virus is accomplished by directly destroying the virus ribonucleic acid (RNA) or deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). Ozone to kill bacteria and fungi is through direct damage to bacterial and fungal microbial cell membranes, and then destroy the membrane within the organization to complete. Many powerful antibiotics in clinical use are cast into the shade effect due to the powerful effect of ozone killing bacteria, fungi and viruses.
Ozone can stimulate the proliferation of white blood cells, and enhance the phagocytic function of granulocyte, thereby stimulating the formation of monocytes, which can help to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses.
Ozone can also activate T cells, and can promote the production of interferon. Clinical studies have confirmed that when the ozone treatment concentration reaches 50ug/ml, the serum interferon can reach the maximum value, while the interferon can accelerate the healing of viral and bacterial infection.
Ozone (O3) can oxidize cholesterol and all kinds of toxic substances.

Scientific experiments show that ozone can make cholesterol of double bond breakage and 4b-2.4- dinitrophenylhydrazone I oxidation referred to as hydrazone 4b, which is evidence found by medical experts in the United Kingdom. This discovery provides safe and effective treatment method for high blood lipids, high blood and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease patients and sub-health population prevention and health care. As shown in Clinical research report of foreign scholars: after ozone blood treatment of 5 times, patients with cholesterol and low density lipoprotein can be decreased by 5.7% and 14.8% respectively. After treatment of 15 times, it can be decreased by 9.7% and 19.8% respectively. ozone number of China's clinical medical workers study not only and abroad are basically the same, and observed blood lipid change situation and treatment of ozone concentration and treatment are closely related. The result is in accordance with Chinese medical workers’ study result. It is also noted that blood lipid change situation and treatment of ozone concentration are closely related.
As a strong oxidant, ozone can break down the body metabolism of various wastes and toxic substances. It can decompose harmful substances produced by pathogenic microorganisms. It help the liver detoxify and ozone can change the solubility of uric acid, stones and other abnormal mineralization of reactants through oxidation to raise the level of metabolism, so as to excrete the harmful substances. Ozonated saline has ideal treatment effect for CO poisoning, pesticide poisoning.
 Ozone can ease the pain and has no toxic side effects and addiction.
Clinical study points that ozone can improve erythrocyte glutathione oxidase and glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity, which can enhance the lipid peroxidation and use the principle of vein input of ozonated physiological saline for good effect of migraine treatment. Bocci push also measured with fine needle injection of ozone in the treatment of lumbar disc herniation of analgesic effect may be a similar to the mechanism of acupuncture to stimulatory and inhibitory interneurons enkephalin release material, so as to achieve the purpose of analgesia.
Ozone can also cause pain in the body of the P material. Therefore for a variety of pain, including unexplained pain it has a good therapeutic effect. For patients with advanced cancer, using ozone self blood therapy or ozonized saline intravenous injection can significantly relieve the pain and discomfort, and the mental state of the patient and their sleep ge improved, and energy levels also increased. Although it cannot be cured eventually, it greatly improves patient's quality of life.
Ozone can stimulate and enhance the body's immune function.
Ozone can generate hydrogen peroxide lipid chain by reaction with unsaturated fatty acid of immune cell surface. Hydrogen peroxide lipid chain can activate nuclear factor NFKD, and then activates cell mRNA replication, transcription and translation, and increase the synthesis of protein and the release of cytokines (interferon, interleukin), enhance immune function.
Ozone can rapidly change anaerobic condition of the body tissue. 
Ozone can increase 2, 3 - glycerophosphate (2, 3-DPG) content and reduce the RBC's affinity for oxygen, which means red cells are more likely to release oxygen and enhance the oxygen supply to tissues. Ozone can also enhance erythrocyte deformation capacity and improve blood rheology.