The Method to Use ozone to Remove the Nitrite in Edible Bird's Nest

O3tech 2016-3-23 16:52:06

The Method to Use ozone to Remove the Nitrite in Edible Bird's Nest

Introduction of bird's nest

Bird's nest is the nest built by apodidae swiftlet and a variety of belong to swallow class, using their saliva and feathers to condense. After processing, the edible bird's nest is a kind of high nutritional value of food. The grow environment of swallow is dark, hot and humid, in this particular environment, there will produce nitrate on surface of bird's nest. By effect of bacteria or enzymes, the nitrate will react with the ammonia gas and water in the swallow cave or nest, and transfer into nitrite; due to the red swallow (transfer by white swallow naturally ) stay in house or a cave for a long time, the nitrite content is higher. Nitrite is harmful to human body, so it need to be removed.


Ozone treatment method on bird's nest

1#: Method of removing nitrite in bird's nest, which belongs to the technical field of food ingredient removal exceed the standard. Combining the ultrasound technology with the ozone treatment technology to remove nitrite in the bird's nest, the nitrite content of the bird's nest will be reduced to less than 30mg/kg, white can keep the shape and color of bird's nest invariant. Using ozone to remove the nitrite in bird's nest is a method of nitrite removal in the bird's nest, in accordance with the following steps: Put the bird's nest in water and disposed by ultrasonic for 10 to 30 minutes, washed three times then placed in ozone generator, using water as medium with ozone processing for 60 ~ 120 min, final be dried naturally.

2#: Immersing the bird's nest in the high concentration of ozone water of 10ppm to wash for 5-10 minutes, the washing time depending on the nitrite content of bird's nest. Practical experiments prove that the content of nitrite of bird's nest can be reduced to 30 mg / kg after ozone water treatment , lower than the food limit standard.

Special note: ozone(that used to produced the ozonated water)must be generated by pure oxygen source or a self-contained oxygen ozone generator. Because if use air source ozone generator, by the high frequency and high voltage discharge, it will generate nitrogen oxide, in certain conditions the nitrogen oxide and water will combine to produce nitrite, so we must adopt the ozone that generated by a pure oxygen source ozone to produce the high concentration ozonated water, only this high concentration ozonated water can be effective.

3#: Install ozone generator used on air purification in the workshop of bird net. Through this method also can reduce the nitrite content of bird's nest.


The advantage of ozone treatment on bird's nest

This processing method can keep the bird's nest cup type and color invariant; Does not need to add any chemicals, ozone oxidation product is water, without harmful residue, won't cause any pollution on the bird's nest itself and the environment, it is environmental friendly and green processing technology; Ozone has the sterilizing function, bird's nest is not easy to mildew after ozone treatment; The process is simple, the equipment investment is little, it is economic and suitable for the industrialized treatment.