VPSA Oxygen Concentrator

O3tech 2016-6-12 15:28:20

VPSA Oxygen Concentrator

Brief Introduction of VPSA Oxygen Concentrator and its Working Principle

VPSA (Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption) oxygen concentrator is mainly composed of two adsorption towers equipped with zeolite molecular sieve and a control system.

After pressurized 49kPa by the blower, the air flowing through tower A from the bottom up, carbon dioxide and water are adsorbed by the zeolite molecular sieve, while the oxygen is gathered at the top of the adsorption tower and outflow from the top of the tower.

When molecular sieve adsorption in tower A saturates, then it will switch to tower B to continue above adsorption process. Meanwhile, it will evacuate molecular sieve of tower A for vacuum regeneration.


The characteristics of VPSA oxygen concentrator:

a.      Easy to use and maintenance, low cost, adequate supply of raw materials

b.      Adoption of new and efficient LiLSX oxygen adsorbent: high oxygen production rate , up to 10 to 15 years of working life span

c.       High quality matching equipment, and the device runs stably and reliably.

d.      Advanced technological process and mature technology; able to adjust the oxygen output according to user needs, large production capacity, low oxygen consumption, flexible operation.

e.      Unique design of gas distributor: self-developed multilayer and sub type gas distributor; uniform gas distribution, small resistance, effectively preventing the zeolite powder, greatly improving the service life of the adsorbent and reducing energy consumption.

f.        Low power consumption and low cooling water consumption

g.      High degree of automation, basic realization of the unmanned management


Typical engineering project cases:    

The project is an advanced oxidation project of a sewage treatment plant. Its main purpose is to provide suitable oxygen gas source for ozone generator. VPSA oxygen concentrator manufactures oxygen source of which unit production 1200m³,concentration 93%, dew point temperature of - 60 ℃. During operation process, oxygen output is stable and reached corresponding requirements, ensuring the normal use of ozone generator.