Ozone Analyzer Operation Manual of Model UV-2000S

O3tech 2016-5-6 14:48:18

Ozone Analyzer Operation Manual of Model UV-2000S

Product Summary
The Model UV-2000S designed by O3 Tech (H.K.) Limited; That can be continuous on-line to measure ozone concentration (0-200Mg/L) in the outlet pipe of ozone generator; it could be used on many applications such as  pharmaceutical, chemical, municipal, sewage treatment and other industries scopes.

The model UV-2000S designed based on the Lambert - Beer law to measure ozone concentration (MG/L) or ozone output (Grams/hour) out of the ozone generator outlet; (Lambert - Beer law: By measuring the intensity changes of the UV light signal before and after the ozone absorption);

Model UV-2000S adopt the advanced double beam UV light source system; It include the lamp intelligent management system can make the ultraviolet lamp tube reach the working environment in the short time which combine the separate style light pool technology in it.

Instrument will carry on zero calibrating and blowing every one hour, to ensure continous stability of the zero function, and working 24 hours per day with high efficiency.

Model UV-2000S has many features. Such as: No Ozone leakage, friendly to high pressure ozone gas, easy to clean, easy maintenance, simple operation, low running cost, and etc.

Technical parame
Measure range: 0-200 g/m3
Display resolution: 0.01 g/m3
Pump suction gas flow: 1.0L±0.2L/min
Input pressure: <0.1MPa
Zero drift: < 0.1%.FS (MAX±0.2 g/m3)
The sampling hole diameter: diameter of 6 (6mm*4mm)
Detection accuracy: ±3% readings
Communication mode: RS-485
Output mode: 4-20mA, linear
Power supply: AC 110-220V
Size: 155*78*240mm
Hole size: 145*68mm
Note: 1mg/L=1g/m3=467PPM
Net weight: 2KGS

Technical characteristics

Measuring principle: Lambert's law and Bill's law
Test method: Double beam UV absorption method
Light source: long-life UV lamp (wavelength 253.7nm)
Light pool: Separate style light pool
Intelligent compensation: Light source automatic compensation function
Automatic zero: Zero calibration every1 
Data show: High-definition digital backlight display and easy to read
Function: 4-20mA output current signal; RS485 communication