Ozone Applied in Clinical Medicine

O3tech 2016-5-12 15:17:55

Ozone Applied in Clinical Medicine
What is Ozone?

Ozone (O3) is composed of three atoms of oxygen molecules and it has very strong oxidation. Therefore, it is also known as the most active oxygen which is part of the nature in the atmosphere. Ozone has very high energy, so it

is very unstable. The molecular structure is volatile in normal temperature and pressure.and can soon be decomposed into O2 and a single oxygen atom (O). A single oxygen atom (O) has strong oxidation to bacteria, viruses and

other microorganisms due to its strong activity. 

What is the role of ozone in human body?

1. It can help the liver to carry out basic detoxification.

2. It can promote the decomposition of fat (cholesterol and glycerin three fat). Fat is an important factor in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases (heart disease and stroke).

3. It can significantly promote cell metabolism, enhance the body's energy.

4. It is able to break down and reduce the amount of uric acid (uric acid is the main cause of gout and the damage to the blood vessels).

5. It can improve blood flow, reduce the occurrence of blood circulation system diseases and related diseases.

6. It can improve the ability of carrying oxygen and improve the blood flow by reducing the aggregation of red blood cells in the blood.

7. It can increase blood supply to the tissue of the organization, and promote better absorption.

8. It can kill a variety of bacteria, viruses and fungi, and inhibit their re reproduction; for the recurrence and exacerbation of viral diseases are particularly effective.

Development Process of Ozone Therapy

In 1826, ozone sterilization had the earliest written records.

In 1870, ozone purification of blood was reported for the first time.

In 1885, a book discussing ozone therapy was published for the first time. 

In 1898, ozone therapy association was founded in Berlin.

In 1966, in Germany, he received the Nobel prize for the year.

In 1980, 644 bits treatment expert of German medical community organization carried out a research. They made the statistical analysis of 579238 results of 38475 patients’ treatment and found that only 40 passengers had side

effects, and the percentage is 0.000007%. Even some of the side effects are caused by the complication of other diseases indirectly, which shows that ozone therapy is the most secure.

Now, since the biochemical and physiological effects of ozone have been confirmed, ozone therapy as a new way of treatment attracts more and more attention from medical workers all over the world. In order to confirm its

security, ozone has been used for many years in the field of clinical medicine. So far, it has achieved the ozone treatment of millions of different diseases.