Application of Ozone Generator in Horticulture

O3tech 2016-7-1 14:41:36

Application of Ozone Generator in HorticultureHorticulture

Horticulture is one of the important parts in the production of agriculture. It is very important to enrich human nutrition and beautify the environment of human life. With the development of science and technology, the area of agricultural production in China is gradually expanding. However, the application of greenhouse facilities provides a suitable living environment for plant diseases and insect pests, which makes it difficult to increase the control of diseases and pests.The use of pesticides and pest control not only cause herbicide damage, but also can produce antibodies to diseases.

Gardening helps to regulate the spiritual life of modern people. The fragrance of flowers brings great joy. Whether it's on a small balcony or in a private garden, gardening can bring joy and joy to people. The creation and spread of beauty bring people a multiplicity of health effects. So for better conservation of gardening is a subject for many professionals to study. At present, there are several kinds of ozone disinfection and sterilization:

Air-cooling type: The direct production of ozone gas fills space and disinfects the surface of the surrounding air and objects to achieve disinfection effect. However, it is rarely used due to the needs for multiple ozone machines and uneven distribution of ozone gas.

Water-cooling type: To sterilize the soil and nutrient solution with ozone dissolved in water.

Water and air cooling type: Actually it is to spread ozone gas generated by water-based ozone generator through a pipe in space to achieve the sterilizing effect. The generator can also be used for disinfection of ozone in water and soil nutrient. Multi use of a machine, economic benefits.

When producing ozone, ozone generator produces much heat. Therefore, the cooling device is needed. There are three types of cooling: air cooling (the use of wind turbines for cooling) and water cycle cooling (the use of water pump circulating water cooling), water and air combined with three forms of cooling. In terms of  application, ozone is usually generated by site, thus, it is simple, safe, reliable and economical. It is now one of the most commonly used sterilization method.