Ozone Application on Grain Depot

O3tech 2014-12-22 17:26:40

Ozone Application on Grain Depot

Ozone disinfection can make food to extend shelf life, can get rid of the granary of various bacteria, prolong storage time.

Ozone can effectively kill pests in grain depot, mould, improving the quality of food. Ozone disinfection machine can effect insecticidal, anti mildew warehouse application for protection of grain storage requirements. It is an environmental protection type fumigant and is widely used in all kinds of small medium and large granary.

Research on the prevention and control of pests:

It has been approved that under the higher concentration of ozone, sitophilus zeamais, tribolium confusum, three adult beetle are completely killed in 3 days, and India moth needs 6 days.

The treatment of Wheat by ozone, pest control, the results showed that the concentration of ozone in the maintenance of 3-30ppm for a long time, has the obvious inhibitory action to the pest population; more than 20 days, can effectively kill pests to individual, no live insects.

Research shows that ozone can completely kill the adult worms in 2 days in the 120ppm; 6 days in 100ppm; 7 days in the 70ppm; 12 daysin 15ppm. The maize weevil, sitophilus oryzae, rhyzopertha dominica are most sensitive to ozone.The second, then tribolium castaneum; Generally, the resistant strains will be more ozone sensitive than the susceptible strain. In short, Ozone has a good control effect on insects, can completely be used on the warehouse application.

Prevention and treatment of ozone on mildew:

Under the ambient temperature, to research the two main mold (Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus niger ) how growth under the different environment (different ozone concentration, and the different treating time), effects of colony morphology, mycelial structure of two molds.The results show that, the ozone on growth of two fungal colonies were inhibited, and with the increase of ozone concentration, treatment time prolonged, and the inhibitory effect was more significant.Ozone can make the two fungal colony faded, hyphae bending, fracture or swelling, and even make the cell broken.The analysis shows that the ozone concentration in the experimental conditions of 170 mg/m3 ~ 190 mg/m3 will be ideal.


Disinfecting for the empty warehouse to preventing crossing infection before the grain taken to in warehouse.

When the grain entering the warehouse, make disinfection preliminary treatment for the conveying equipment

Make disinfection for the closed warehouse after the grain entering.

Ozone generator installation:

As you know that O3 will much higher than ambient air; To make surely that the ozone gas well expanding in everywhere of the warehouse to meet the target of disinfection, it need to install pipes to make the ozone gas flowing out from top of warehouse.

It is similar with ozone used on cold storagewarehouse. Please kindly see the attached document for your reference.

1#:1PPM= 1MG/L=1G/M3 (in the water)

2#:1MG/L=1G/M3 =467 PPM (in the air) ; 1PPM=2.14MG/M3 (in the air)

3# :5% Weight = 3.4% Volume = 72.6 g/m3 = 33,904 ppm;


     10% Weight = 6.9% Volume = 147.7 g/m3 = 68,976 ppm