The advantage of Ozone Applied on Greenhouse Vegetables

O3tech 2016-2-25 18:56:39

The advantage of Ozone Applied on Greenhouse Vegetables

Ozone has strong oxidizing power and bactericidal action, it is widely used on agriculture to prevent the injury and environmental pollution at present. For greenhouse vegetables, ozonated water can remove algae and kill the diseases in the nutrient solution in the process of root dipping cultivation; and sprinkling irrigation by ozonated water during vegetables growing period, can kill the bacteria and avoid pest for the vegetables. There are some advantage of ozone applied on greenhouse vegetables.

1)Safe, high efficient and low cost. Ozone can achieve a multi-purpose, and prevention of diseases for many different disease, and low cost. Compared with spraying pesticide, the ozone is more convenient, efficient, safe, can greatly reduce the use of pesticides. Avoid the farmers use the high toxicity, high pesticide residues, thereby reducing the cost of drug use;

2) Pollution-free. Ozone is not stable in the dry air, can be quickly change to oxygen, so there will be no pollution, no residue in plants and fruit; it is an important way to realize the pollution-free vegetable production;

3) Improving quality and increasing production.The method of using air source discharge to produce ozone not only can produce the ozone which we need, but also can produce nitrogen oxides, which can be used as the nitrogen fertilizer for plants.Experiments show that the use of ozone in greenhouse the abnormal fruit was significantly reduced, the yield increased by about 20%, and the fruit of a large volume, good color, good taste.