Ozone Fresh-Keeping Treatment and Ozone Dosage Calculate Methods in Cold Storage

O3tech 2015-2-22 18:19:01

Ozone Fresh-Keeping Treatment and Ozone Dosage Calculate Methods in Cold Storage


To use the ozone gas in cold storage, and a method for the preservation of fruits and vegetables during storage;

Basically, the ozone gas will be ideal and high efficiency used for Disinfection & Sterilization; especially under the lower temperature /high relative humidity environment.

There is almost no killing effect for suspended microorganisms when relative humidity less 45%; enhanced gradually when 60%, and reached a maximum value when 95%;

This is mainly due to increase in relative humidity, the bacteria expansion, making them more vulnerable to the destruction of ozone. The majority of cold storage is low temperature, high humidity, it should be ideal to the application of ozone sterilization.

It has been approved that ozone can make fruits and vegetables, beverages and other food storage period increased 3 ~ 10 times. In practical application, the ozone generator shall flow in the storage room from the top of cold storage to make the ozone gas expand well; 

Preliminary treatment

Put the fruits and vegetable in the ozonated water after picking to remove bacteria and pesticide residues on fruit skin. The concentration of ozone water requirements: 3 Mg/L

Ozone treatment in cold storage

Ozone in the cold storage sterilization, preservation, anti - mildew is divided into three stages: the empty storage sterilization, disinfection, sterilization after fruits and vegetable put in the cold storage;

Empty storage sterilization: to make the ozone generator unit keep working for 3-6 days (ozone concentration 5-10ppm); Stop working 1-2 days before fruits and vegetable put in. 

The required treatment concentration

Generally, it need around concentration 5.0 PPM when used on cold storage room. Usually, install ozone generator unit outside the cold storage room (close to the cold storage room; since it will affect the working life when the ozone generator long working under the higher relative humidity condition), and go through room top to the inside cold storage room(ozone gas is more heavy than air);

Ozone dosage calculate formula

There is one formula to calculate the ozone dosage when used on cold storage room.

Such as: One cold storage volume of V=500M3, in order to ensure the sterilizing refrigerator, a concentration required for 5PPM. ozone dosage will be 12.68;

W=5 x 2.14 x 500/[(1-0.5728)/1000]=12.68 (Grams/H);


1#: 5= 5.0 PPM;

2#: 0.5728: is rate of ozone decline after 1 hour under the standard condition.

3#: 1PPM=2.14MG/M3

4#: if your cold storage room capacity is 800M3, it will need 21 grams/H. W=5 x 2.14 x 840 /[(1-0.5728)/1000]=21grams/H