Ozone Generator for Cold Storage

O3tech 2016-6-22 16:22:08

Ozone Generator for Cold Storage

With the pace of society developing faster and faster, all walks of life are trying every means to solve the factors affecting their development in the industry. Cold storage is certainly good, but the function is limited after all. In order to achieve the preservation effect of fruits and vegetables, refrigerated with ozone treatment of fruits and vegetables preservation today is the most popular and the most practical preservation method. It is of great significance to master the variation of ozone concentration for different types of ozone generator in different types of cold storage, and it is of great significance to the storage of fruits and vegetables.

Ozone was firstly used by a Swedish meat company for preservation, which means that the history of use of ozone generator in the cold storage has been a hundred years. The application of ozone in cold storage is mainly in three aspects:

Killing bacteria - disinfection and sterilization. Although freezing may cause some bacteria to die, some pathogenic bacteria have a great resistance to low temperature. Once the temperature rises, these bacteria will be "recovery"". Especially in the cooling and cold storage, because of its temperature for the growth of low temperature bacteria, mold and yeast, will cause a lot of damage to the food storage. In this case, the use of ozone will achieve satisfactory results.

Ozone is a gas sterilization agent. Its antibacterial and sterilization effect are usually physical, chemical and biological aspects of the comprehensive results. The mechanism can be summarized as following three points:

A. Acting on the cell membrane, leading to increased permeability of the cell membrane, intracellular material outflow, so that the cell loses vitality.

B. It makes enzyme lose activity. These enzymes can be both enzymes that are essential for the metabolism of enzymes, as well as enzymes that are essential for the synthesis of cells.

C. It destroys the genetic material of the cytoplasm or causes it to lose its function. It is generally believed that the killing of the virus is completed by direct destruction of its RNA (RNA) or DNA (DNA).

Oxidize a variety of organic and inorganic matter with odor. Ozone has a special smell in itself. Using ozone to remove odor is not to cover the smell of other odor, but mainly use its strong oxidation capacity. The main components of the ozone flavor is amine R3N, sulfide, H2S, a thiol CH3SH two a sulfide CH3SCH3, two a two sulfide CH3-S-S-CH3, etc.