Effect Mechanism of Ozone in Storage and Fresh Keeping Industry

O3tech 2016-7-7 15:30:45

ozone application

The effect of ozone in storage and fresh-keeping industry mainly based on the following three aspects: kill microorganisms, sterilization and disinfection; oxidizing and decomposing kinds of organic or organic matter - deodorization; oxidizing and decomposing the metabolic products, so as to inhibit the metabolism process - fresh keeping.

Sterilization and disinfection effect of ozone

Ozone has a strong bactericidal ability, by its strong oxidation to reach the purpose of killing microorganisms. Ozone reacts with variety of ingredients in microbial cells, to produce irreversible changes. It is generally believed that the ozone first to react with the cell membrane of microorganisms, to damage the membrane components, resulting in metabolic disorders and further to inhibit their growth, the ozone continue to penetrate and the destruct inner membrane tissue, until the killing it. Increasing humidity can improve the bactericidal ability, because the microbial cell membrane become thinner in high humidity, the tissue is easily damaged by ozone.

Deodorization effect of ozone

Ozone deodorization mainly use strong oxidation of ozone, it can effectively oxidize and decompose variety of odor which produced in stored process, so as to keep the air fresh. The main components of the odor is ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methyl sulfide, dimethyl sulfur compounds, dimethyl disulfide, etc.

Fresh-keeping effect of ozone

Ozone can play a role in fresh-keeping, because it can slow down the metabolism process, delayed ripening and ageing, which is achieved by using ozone to decompose the ethylene gas. The fruits and vegetables are still living body after picking, respiration process is accelerated during storage, and thus gradually mature. Fruits and vegetables will produce large amounts of ethylene in the near mature stage, ethylene has the effect of accelerating the ripening, called ripener. Its spread will accelerate the maturation of other fruits and vegetables. Ozone can effectively control the process, fast oxidize and decompose the ethylene to become carbon dioxide and water. Ozone plays an important role in prolonging the storage period of fruits and vegetables.