Ozone Micro-Nano Dosing Technology

O3tech 2016-6-13 14:06:34

Ozone Micro-Nano Dosing Technology

Micro nano bubbles are tiny bubbles whose diameters are between fifty microns (UM) and tens of nanometers (nm) when bubbles occur. It is characterized by the slow rise of air bubbles in the water body, long residence time, large contact area between air and liquid.Ozone micro-nano dosing technology is the ozone in the form of micro nano bubbles in the water, so the utilization rate of ozone is high and the reaction is complete.

The characteristics of ozone micro nano bubbles:

Specific surface area: the smaller the bubble diameter, the larger the specific surface area;

Long residence time: the rising velocity of air bubble in water is roughly proportional to the square of the diameter;

High surface and the interface potential: the charge density increases with the decrease of the bubble diameter; concentration and enrichment, and strong adsorption capacity;

Self pressurization effect: the surface tension compresses gas in the air bubbles;the bubble diameter is reduced, the internal pressure increases and the specific surface area increases when micro nano bubbles dissolve;

High mass transfer efficiency: the gas-liquid mass transfer rate and the efficiency is inversely proportional to the diameter of the bubble. Surface tension effect is obvious and the self pressurization effect it brought about promotes the gas-liquid transmission.

High gas dissolution rate: In theory, the internal pressure is infinite when the bubble breaks up, higher than the environmental pressure, to promote gas dissolution;

Release a large number of hydroxyl radicals: When gas liquid interface disappeared, a large number of hydroxyl radicals it releases has strong oxidation reduction potential. With strong oxidation, it can promote water purification.