Ozone Preservation Technology Applied on Cold Storage

O3tech 2014-8-22 14:59:34

Brief introduction

Ozone preservation technology is to apply the ozone gas in cold storage, it's a method to store and retain freshness of fruits and vegetables. In the worldwide, the application of  ozone in cold storage has the history of nearly a hundred years. With the improvement of the manufacturing technology of the ozone generator, the application of ozone in cold storage is more and more extensive.


Practical application

With the strong oxidation, ozone can be used for cold storage disinfection, deodorant, preservation. Because ozone is unstable, it is more advantageous to use it for storage in cold storage, in addition, the final product of ozone decomposition is oxygen, it won't leave any harmful residues in the food and fruit.


The mechanism of ozone application in cold storage

Research shows that there are three aspects mechanism of ozone application in cold storage: firstly microbial killing, sterilization and disinfection; the second is to oxidize kinds of organic and inorganic to reach the goal of deodorization; the third is the metabolism product being oxidized, thereby inhibiting the metabolic process, to retain freshness.

According to the physical and chemical properties of ozone, it is effective to use ozone for keeping fresh. Install the ozone generator on the wall of the storage room, above the ground of 2 meters. Every day booting 1-2 hours, try to close the garage door, maintain and increase the ozone concentration of 12--22 mg/kg, and control the indoor humidity for about 95%. In the case of larger humidity, the effect of sterilization can be greatly improved.