Ozone treatment applied on aquaculture

O3tech 2014-4-22 11:30:25

Ozone treatment applied on  aquaculture

At present, the development of aquaculture is rapid; in aquaculture pathogen of disease as a risk for breeding is serious, and will be harmful for breeding of great harm; according to introduction: ozone has strong sterilization and water purification, and non-toxic harmless, is the most ideal equipment sterilization purifying aquaculture and seedling production.

Practice shows that the use of ozone generator in disinfection of water, improve water quality, prevent the occurrence of diseases in aquaculture process has been successfully applied to use ozone generator, ozone water preparation for biological egg, aquaculture and disinfection facilities, can prevent the intrusion of pathogens, fish, shrimp, crab to prevent biological disease, soft shelled turtle.

Process for the treatment of ozone in water treatment for aquaculture: aquaculture system closed circulating water treatment technology is adopted to deal with the water phase, improve water quality, provide excellent growth environment for fish, which process comprises:

1.   Sea water filter: mainly by the micro filtration, activated carbon filter, sand filter to improve the quality of water;

2.   Sea water disinfection: use the advanced ozone technology in seawater, algae killing bacteria, virus water degradation, prevent disease;

3.   Seawateraeration: using oxygen to form micro bubble through efficient ejector, Improving dissolved oxygen in seawater;

4.   Seawater heating: by adjusting the temperature of circulating water heat exchanger, provide suitable growth temperature for fish;

Aquaculture with ozone disinfection, usually to determine the ozone dosage based on the hourly water flow (the hourly water flow of the half capacity of the pool). Fresh water is usually 1000 liters per 0.5 grams of ozone application; if seawater requires the addition of 1-1.5 grams; The ozone dosage when seedling stage can be reduced. Before the sterilized water back into the pond, the ozone in water must be less than 0.1PPM;

Choose oxygen source feeding ozone generator for aquaculture, to avoid nitrate produced; because nitrate will be harmful for fish. The fish will produce ammonia that need to treated everyday.