Ozone Used on Different Applications for Different Purposes

O3tech 2016-6-7 15:50:46

Ozone Used on Different Applications for Different Purposes

Application on water treatment. With the rapid development of basic industries, water pollution is becoming more and more serious and water resources is reducing, people pay more attention to the application of wastewater reuse technology. We all know that ozone is a strong oxidant which is effective for materials difficult to oxidize. In industrial wastewater treatment, the addition of ozone can improve the biodegradability and reduce the effect of color. It is widely used in drinking water disinfection, water reuse purification, sewage treatment, greenhouse soil disinfection, swimming pools, water treatment and hospital sewage treatment and so on.

Application in livestock and poultry breeding industry. It can kill a variety of common bacteria, viruses, fungi mycoplasma and spirochete pathogenic in indoor air in an instant, reducing ammonia, methane and hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases after fermentation to prevent large area epidemic outbreaks of infectious diseases, so as to improve the survival rate and output of livestock products, save labor cost of treatment, improve the floor production environment. It can also increase hatching rate in poultry industry due to its sterilization and preservation effect.

Application in food industry. Ozone is applied in four aspects:

a, destroy the living microorganisms- for sterilization and disinfection

b, oxidative decomposition of organic or inorganic pollution gas-deodorization and purification.

c, decomposition metabolism of fruit and vegetable products- inhibiting ripening process to retain freshness

d, degradation of pesticides residues of fruits and vegetables

The application of the four aspects is dependent on the strong oxidation of ozone and the characteristics of unstable and easy decomposition.

Application in medical industry. Ozone can be used for air sterilization and disinfection in medical establishments. Ozone water can be used to disinfect the hands of surgery doctors and nurses, eliminating all bacteria live. It not only takes a very short period of time, but the bactericidal power is far more than alcohol and chlorine. And the ozone water is very reliable. Ozone can also be used to treat certain diseases and used in beauty industry. Ozone can effectively treat and prevent beriberi and tinea pedis as long as you often soak the foot into ozonated water; often with ozone water washing fungal infection of the skin area can receive significant treatment effect; often use ozone water to wash the wound to prevent wound infection and promote the healing.

Application in various public places. Ozone can be used for removal of decoration, synthetic board, paint the release of toxic substances due to its strong oxidizing properties. It can also destroy bacteria and viruses in air live, live carpet in the breeding of microorganisms, the inactivated flu, preventing the occurrence of influenza. Remove residual pesticides in vegetables and fruits. Improve the freshness of fish and meat, so that they can be kept for longer time. The use of ozone water also has bleach , beauty treatment and health care function.

To sum up, the reason why ozone has so many benefits is owing to its strong oxidation. Using its oxidation, it can destroy the biological structure of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in a relatively short period of time, so that they can lose their ability to survive. General fungicides are harmful to the human body. But this is not the case for. Because the excess ozone can be quickly decomposed into oxygen which is good to the human body. This is why which is more and more people like it.