The Main Effect of Ozone Disinfection System in Livestock and Poultry Breeding

O3tech 2016-4-2 17:26:19

Ozone disinfection can eliminate path ogenic microorganisms, reduce mortality, improve feed conversion rate. At the same time, it can also eliminate ammonia, deodorant to improve the breeding environment, so as to reduce the occurrence of diseases, control the spread of the epidemic and reduce breeding risks and increase breeding efficiency.

1. Sterilization,disinfection, elimination of infectious sources, cut the pathway of transmission

A lot of practice proved that bactericidal capacity of  oxygen(ozone) released by farms ozone disinfection system is 5 times the ultraviolet, hundreds of times higher than iodine,600—3000 times chlorine in water sterilization speed. It can quickly kill geo technical homes by air and water in a variety of bacteria, viruses, spores,oocysts, algae and other harmful pathogenic micro organism, sterilization and disinfection of complete and thorough, do not stay dead, no residue.

2.Ozone can effectively decompose ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases, and completely improve the breeding environment. 

The ozone disinfection system of farm produce large amounts of oxygen (ozone) gas, which can decompose harmful gases like ammonia, H2S decomposition etc. At the same time, oxygen(ozone)generated by ozone turns into oxygen again which does good to indoor air of livestock farm.

3.Ozone Purifying Oxygen Water

By increasing the oxygen content of the livestock and poultry blood, it can improve antibody levels, immunity and animal survival rate, reducing mortality and druguse to increase the yield, breeding efficiency and improve the quality of meatand eggs.

4.The role of negative ions

Farms ofozone disinfection system ionizing air release negative ions can reduce dust ingeotechnical and shed, stimulates the body to the synthesis and storage ofvitamin, strengthen and activate the body's physiological function,significantly improve the lung function, promote metabolism, enhance thecapacity of resistance.

5. An investment, long-term return

Highest efficiency (24 hours a day cycle), the lowest cost (no need to add any drugs,only a small amount of electricity per day), the maximum return period (tenyears)

6. Green,environmental protection, low carbon, no pollution

After disinfection, it quickly decomposed into oxygen without any external factors involved in.Therefore, the ozone disinfection system of farms is green,environmental protection, low carbon and non pollution disinfection equipment.