The Mechanism of Ozone Sterilization

O3tech 2016-4-17 11:49:30

The Mechanism of Ozone Sterilization

Ozone sterilization is widely used on many scenarios, such catering industry, food processing industry and drinking water treatment plant, etc. Ozone sterilization principle can be thought as an oxidation reaction.

Mechanism of ozone on bacterial inactivation

Ozone on bacterial inactivation reaction is always very rapidly. Unlike other fungicides: ozone can react with the bacterial cell wall lipids double bond, the internal bacterial penetration, in the role of protein and lipopolysaccharide, change cell permeability, resulting in the death of bacteria. Ozone act on nuclear material within cells, such as nucleic acids in DNA purine and pyrimidine destruction.

Mechanism of ozone on virus destruction

Effect of ozone on the virus is the first of four peptide chains virus coat protein of the clothing, and RNA by injury. Phage has been oxidized, the observation that its skin was broken into many fragments, which release a lot of ribonucleic acid interference, its adsorption to storage body. Ozone sterilization is complete beyond doubt.