Type of Ozone Generator Gas Source

O3tech 2016-4-10 18:44:30

Type of Ozone Generator Gas Source

Basically, the different source feeding will affect the ozone gas concentration, output, and purity. Gas source of ozone generator is generally divided into four types: ordinary air, dry air source, oxygen-richsource and industrial oxygen gas source.

The above gas source based on the same equipment, the ozone concentration and output will be successively ascending; Generally speaking, it should not configure ordinary gas source ozone generator, as this would affect the longevity of the ozone generator and lead to instability; According to the purpose of application, the common gas source can be roughly divided into three kinds as following:

1#  Dry air source: This kind of ozone generator mainly used on air disinfection, tap water treatment,swimming pool, aquaculture,Water production cycle, Reclaimed Water treatment;

2#  Oxygen-rich source: This kind of ozone generator mainly applied on the scenarios of  requiring higher ozone concentration; Such as: purified water plant, Mineral water, waste water treatment, medicine and food processing workshop.

3#  Industrial oxygen source: Application scenarios that require high purity, orconcentration demand is more important, or the small volume place, etc.