Water Cooling Ozone Generator

O3tech 2016-6-17 15:09:01

Water Cooling Ozone Generator

Definition of water cooling ozone generator: water cooling ozone generator is one type of the ozone generator. It is composed of base assembly and discharge base assembly. The base assembly is in the below of discharge base assembly, connected by connecting screws. External power supply is connected through the base component of the power supply line and the base components of the circuit board, wire and the discharge tube components in stainless steel pipe. The utility model has the advantages of good cooling effect, compact structure, stable output of ozone and long service life. When using the water cooling ozone generator, we need to pay attention to the following problems:


First, when designing the water cooling ozone generator system, it must be able to prevent a large number of water into the generator. Seal gas compressor float valve or an air dryer condensate valve jam, will cause corona generator interior irrigation. A large amount of water in the corona chamber can lead to corona concentration, high current density and local dielectric heating, which lead to premature failure of the dielectric body.


Secondly, the air supply pressure cannot be changed without control. Due to the pressure of the corona induced by the power and the voltage across the dielectric body, a large range of pressure changes will make the generator running is not reliable. Out of the range of corona power can cause the fuse or automatic circuit breaker to disconnect. Beyond the applied voltage, the peak value of the applied voltage can cause the premature failure of the dielectric body.


Finally, the generator raw gas is absolutely not allowed to contain hydrocarbons, corrosive gases and any other energy in the oxygen / ozone / corona environment within the reaction, resulting in damage to the safety of equipment or material.