Ozone Used for Intervertebral Disc Protrusion Treatment

O3tech 2016-11-1 16:12:17

Now, the medical ozone treatment method for the treatment of neck and lumbar intervertebral disc has been developed very deeply.

Mechanism of ozone treatment is the using strong oxidizing effect of ozone gas. Under the guidance of CT, MRI, C arm X-ray machine, DSA imaging, adopting a appropriative needle and syringe to injected the medical ozone(which produced by medical ozone generator) into the nucleus pulposus parts of highlighted intervertebral disc. By oxidation the egg yolk polysaccharide of the nucleus pulposus and killing the nucleus pulposus cells to further function in the nucleus, to decrease nucleus volume and retraction the raised nucleus, to reach the ozone treatment effect for intervertebral disc protrusion. In addition, adopting extra-discal injection in medical ozone treatment, directly solve the problem of oppressed metamorphosis and soft tissue inflammation, because the ozone has anti-inflammatory analgesic effect.

Compared with other minimally invasive technique of intervertebral disc, the ozone nucleus pulposus fusion technology has good compatibility. In addition, ozone itself enjoys a broad spectrum of antimicrobial effect, which is unparalleled compared with other operations, it better extend the therapeutic effect.

According to technological characterisitics of central air conditioning system, the system can be divided into centralized air conditioning system, induction system and fan coil unit air conditioning system. The specific ozone dosage method should be selected according to different type of central air conditioning.