Processing Technology of Seafood

O3tech 2016-9-21 16:29:31

Processing Technology of Seafood

Generally our seafood such as shrimps, crabs and abalones are processed as frozen and dry food. With the development of preservation technology, products become more and more diversified.   

Current status for seafood processing and preservation:

Seafood such as shrimp and abalone is rich in protein and has a high nutritional value. However, this kind of product freshness decreased quickly, not easy to preserve, easily discolor and softened, which bring great difficulties to the seafood processing.

With the development of varieties and breeding technology, in addition to frozen and dry food, seafood processing develops several new products. Adoption of advanced preservation technology, it retains most of the nutrients and enhance the shelf life. Ozone water treatment is one of its preservation technologies.

Ozonated water technology is to take advantage of ozone’s oxidability to change the permeability to inactivated bacteria. The sterilization rate is 300-1000 times than that of chlorine, with strong bactericidal effect, and does not produce harmful by-products. Ozonated water technology usually uses ozonated water machine to sterilize seafood. Ozonated water machine is a derivative of the ozone generator,  it generates high concentration ozone water by mixing high concentration ozone gas with water through gas-liquid mixing pump. The concentration of ozonated water is generally 2-10PPM( The higher concentration of ozonated water, the better disinfection effect. If the concentration is too low, it can hardly produce effects. Therefore, we would like to recommend higher concentration ozonated water machine.) The experiments show that seafood treated with ozonated water, could meet the export standards and greatly enhance the shelf life.