The Characteristics and Using Range of Ozone Disinfection

O3tech 2016-9-23 17:31:09

Ozone is a strong oxidant. And its oxidation ability is stronger 152% than chlorine. Ozone is a broad spectrum strong fungicide. The sterilization rate is 600 ~ 3000 times faster than chlorine. The density of ozone is about 1.5 times of oxygen. The ozone is soluble in water, and its solubility is 13 times more than oxygen. Ozone is the natural gas, which is taken from the air and vanished into the air. It can stay in the air for 10 to 15 minutes at normal temperature, and then reduce to oxygen. The half-life of ozone in the water is only 25 to 20 minutes; don’t leave residue, don’t have two pollution and side effects. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have identified ozone as substances which can contact with food directly. In foreign countries, ozone as a purifying agent or an oxidizing agent is used in industrial water purification and food processing and goods storage on nearly one hundred years of history.

Characteristics of ozone disinfection:

1# in the aspect of air disinfection, the sterilization rate of ozone is faster and better than ultraviolet irradiation and chemical medicine fumigation disinfection.

2# ozone is a gas, there is no dead angle, and the consistency is good when it works.

3# ozone can be reduced to oxygen automatically. So there is not any residue and two-pollution, and it can be used for food directly.

The using range of ozone disinfection:

1# the disinfection and sterilization for hospital such as operation room, ward and therapeutic room

2# the sterilization for blood station such as blood collection room, blood bank and other places

3# the disinfection and sterilization for pharmaceutical factory such as sterile workshop, laboratory and other places

4# the disinfection and sterilization for Food & Beverage Factory such as production workshop, warehouse, changing room, work clothes and production tools

5# the sterilization, deodorization and air purification for aquaculture such indoor chicken farm, animal farm, sterile inoculation and other places

6# the disinfection, air cleaning and cross infection prevented for public places such as sauna, theater, hotels, entertainment, and others

7# the preservation and prolong storage period of food, eggs, meat, warehouse, aquatic products, fruit and other food