Application Field of Ozone Generators

O3tech 2016-9-26 14:49:44

Application Field of Ozone Generators

Ozone has a very strong redox potential, which is only inferior to fluoride in nature, and can be widely used in the following fields:

Municipal sewage, reclaimed water reuse:

a. Decolorization. Ozone is very effective in decolorization. Only a small amount of ozone can achieve the effect of decolorization.

b. Odor removal.

c. Killing bacteria and viruses. Its strong oxidability could change the perneability of the bacteria and kill bacteria. Ozone is a broad spectrum bactericide.

Industrial waste water:

a. To improve the biodegradability of organic compounds. Ozone has the characteristics of large aromatic ring opening, molecular chain scission.

b.  Decolorization

c. Removal of halide

d. Removal of toxic components from waste water

Drinking water:

a. Eliminating micro pollutants

b. Improvement of water chroma and odor

c. Improving the biodegradability of organic compounds

d. Substitute for chlorine disinfection. Do not produce three halogen methane and other carcinogenic substances.

Pharmaceutical and food industry:

a. Disinfection for packaging materials and the production line, not producing secondary pollution, so as to improve product quality.

b. Disinfection of water and production equipment

c. Food storage and food preservation

Swimming pool:

a. Sterilization and disinfection

b.  Reduction of the use of chlorine

c. To improve water quality, the water quality after ozone treatment was clarified.

Printing and dyeing and paper making industry

a. Substitution of chlorine in pulp bleaching process

b. Increasing whiteness

c.  Decolorization of printing and dyeing wastewater

Fine chemical industry:

a. Chemical synthesis of cosmetics and chemical industry

b. Strong COD oxidation

Semiconductor industry:

a. Reduction of TOC

c. Cold circulation water purification

Breed aquatics:  

a. Disinfection of freshwater and aquaculture water

b.  Space disinfection and deodorization of livestock farm

Cooling water:

a. Reducing corrosion rate

b. Biological fouling reduction

c. Reduce halide environmental emissions