Ozone Used for Car Air Purification

O3tech 2016-5-18 18:20:58

Ozone Used for Car Air Purification

A survey data released by the Federation of China Association for science and Engineering Institute indicates that there are different degrees of pollution in the 93.82% cars’ inner environment. Another study found the car air pollution sometimes is even 10 times of bus air pollution. Therefore, interior pollution is considered as an invisible threat to our health.

According to the survey, benzene, formaldehyde, acetone, and xylene are the main gases that do harm to our health. Usually they are ignored by us and many people paid less attention to it.But the health of the people is from the little drops of life, so we should as far as possible to protect their own health.

When you have a headache or feel weak in the car, it means that harmful gases begin to take into effect. According to experts, the luxury internal decorated cars are more prone to pollution in that the decorative use of leather, wood, plating, metal, paint, plastics and other materials, if not properly processed, will radiate harmful substances.

Next is the carbon monoxide produced by automobile engine which will make car air quality worsen.

In addition, if the vehicle air conditioning evaporator for a long time without cleaning and nursing, it will attach a lot of dirt inside the interior. Bacteria and other harmful substances filled the car in a small space, it will lead to poor air quality in the car, or even hypoxia. At this time, the use of ozone disinfection equipment can change the state of lacking oxygen, for that the ozone reduction is oxygen.

The greatest advantage of ozone disinfection method is that it leaves no residual harmful substances, and will not cause secondary pollution. Operation of ozone disinfection method is simple. It kills bacterial thoroughly. One of the disadvantages is that it will leave ozone odor, but it is not a big problem. Open the window for a while, it will automatically volatile. This method is used to disinfect once a month, and many car beauty service shops provide ozone disinfection services.