Characteristics of Ozone Sterilization

O3tech 2016-10-12 15:48:28

Characteristics of Ozone Sterilization

High efficiency: The oxidation ability of ozone is next to fluoride and it has super efficient sterilization ability. In relative sealed environment, it could achieve full range, fast and high efficient disinfection effect due to uniform diffusion, tolerance, good permeability and free of dead corner. At the same time, ozone is a broad-spectrum disinfectant, which can kill bacteria, spores, viruses, fungi and protozoa spore and other microorganisms as well as can destroy botulinum toxin and Rickettsia and etc.

No secondary pollution: Ozone reaction chemical equation: 2O3==3O2. After sterilization, it could be decomposed into oxygen which is harmless to human body. Besides, there are no harmful by-products; thus, it is quite superior to traditional chloride reagent (practice proved that by-products of chlorine disinfection is a carcinogen).

Operability: The ozone generator has the characteristics of real-time adjustability of concentration and output, which can automatically set the time of ozone sterilization according to the required concentration, output and time of sterilization. Therefore, the operation is convenient.

In addition, ozone sterilization is through the cell membrane tissue to invade cells, the role of the outer membrane lipoprotein and internal lipopolysaccharide, so that the bacterial permeability distortion and dissolution of death. To kill bacteria and inhibit the growth of bacteria double effect. In addition, ozone sterilization is through the cell membrane tissue to invade cells and act on the outer memberance lipoprotein and internal lipopolysaccharide, which makes bacterial distorture and demise. At last, it will achieve the effect of killing bacteria and inhibiting bacterial growth.