Using Method for Household Ozone Generator

O3tech 2016-7-20 14:52:41

Using Method for Household Ozone Generator

With the popularization of science and technology, household use ozone generators are increasingly popular with folks of all work of life. It is well-known to us all that household use ozone generator can not only purify the water, remove the heavy metal manganese, iron, chromium, etc., but also could eliminate bacteria, destroy the virus, such as organic compounds so as to remove the odor. Besides, it could also purify indoor air, kill bacteria in the air virus and decompose a variety of chemical substances, such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, radon and other pollution. It is also effective in removing fumes, cigarettes and other odor, so that the indoor air is clean and fresh.

In the following passage, I will introduce in detail several methods of using household ozone generator.

Method for air disinfection:

1. Place the machine in high position. Generally it takes 5 minutes per 10 square meters. Personnel can be on site.

2. For room air disinfection, the disinfection time needs to double. Personnel cannot enter the room until the machine stops working for about 15 minutes.

Method for water disinfection

1.  Take a bucket of tap water(about 30 liters). Then put in air bubble stone and set the machine on time for about 30 to 40 minutes. And then precipitation, sterilization rate reaches 100%. After gas explosion, tap water becomes oxygen water which can be used for cooking and drinking. If the water is turbid, it needs to precipitate first.  

2.   Hydroponic plants, flower cultivation:

Use ozonated water to cultivate plants and wash flowers which can prevent root rot and borers etc.

Method for food preservation:

1.  Fruits and vegetables disinfection:

Put fruits and vegetables full of water and use air bubble stone for gas explosion for about 20 minutes. And then rinse.

2.  For meat sterilization:

Cut meat into pieces and put them in the vessel full of water. Then use air bubble stone for gas explosion. There will be sticky matter decomposition which contains large amounts of the hormone and antibiotic pollutants.