Method for Mixing Ozone and Water

O3tech 2016-8-29 16:12:36

Method for Mixing Ozone and Water

As a strong oxidizing substance, generally ozone is produced by the corona discharge type ozone generator. It is very effective in decoloration, advance treatment for waste water and tap water. As a gaseous substance, ozone and water mixing efficiency is closely related to ozone usage effect. Generally, there are three mixing methods as follow:

a.      Gas explosion

Gas explosion method is to inject ozone gas to the bottom of the contacting tank through pipeline, give out micro bubbles through bubble device and ozone is dissolved in the water when bubble rises. The efficiency of mixing ozone by bubbling method is decided by the quality of the aeration tank and the depth of the reaction tank, which is generally 20-30%, which is suitable for the large amount of water.

b.      Water injecting method

Under the reaction of high speed water flow, gas cavity of venturi could form negative pressure which takes in ozone gas. Smashed by high speed water flow, ozone gas can be transformed into micro bubbles to better mix and contact with water. The efficiency is usually 50% to 60%.

c.      Mixing pump method

The mixed pump is generally in the form of a vortex type, and a negative pressure is formed in the pump, and a gas (or liquid) is sucked in the suction port. The efficiency of dissolving ozone by mixing pump is higher, generally in 60-70%. Gas liquid mixing pump method is suitable for applications where water flow is not large.