10L ozonated oil system and Selection of ozone gas- liquid mixing system

O3tech 2016-9-29 17:35:30

Product features

a. With inlet flow control. Ozone generator output regulation, the ozone concentration real-time online detection can accurately calculate the ozone dosage, ozonated oil concentration, precisely produced required ozonated oil     concentration such as 50g/L, 70 g/L, 90 g/L.

b. Equipped with water cooling unit, it can supply cooling water continuously to the ozone generator to ensure it to cool down in a certain temperature range, so as to make sure the continuous output of the ozone gas  concentration.

c. The system is equipped with an ozone gas on-line analyzer, which can continuously monitor the concentration of the ozone generator output  in real time, so that the concentration of the ozone generator can be kept in a certain range.

d. Ozone off-gas destructor can effectively decompose the smell of ozone gas ozonated with oil to keep the air fresh.

e. It is equipped with oil mist filter which could ensure the full filtration of oil mis and that it does not enter off-gas catalytic system to cause fire or generate heat.

f. With automatic oil supply and automatic oil discharging function, equipped with high precision measuring cup to ensure accuracy of oil supplying amount.


Specification of PSA oxygen generator:

Oxygen output


Oxygen concentration %VOL


Power input

AC220V 50HZ

Power consumption W


Cooling method

Inbuilt compression refrigerating machine

Gas inlet size


Weight KG





Specification of ozone generator:

1. Configuration

a. Ozone tube 2 pieces (inbuilt hydroxyl quartz tube); 220V/50HZ

b. Ozone circuit board 2 pieces (anti high pressure, corrosion resistance, part of the components of imported, long working life)

c. High pressure pack 2 sets (the company's R & D and design of ozone generator, fine workmanship).    

d. Stainless steel casing, digital display current meter, digital display voltage meter, (accurate to see the normal operating current and voltage of the machine), ozone indicator, power indicator, cooling fan, ozone concentration

adjustment knob, current transformer, relay, electric leakage switch, etc.. Structural design is reasonable, the laying of the line precision, which is very reasonable structure, so that the use of the machine is very stable and quality is guaranteed.

2.  Product features: Adoption the structure of de - hydroxyl quartz tube, long life design, high concentration ozone, smaller power and volume;

3.  Cooling method: water cooling; Double cooling design effectively reduce the temperature rise problem, so that the ozone concentration is higher, more stable.

4.  Gas source: air source feeding

5.  Cooling water flow0.3-0.5T/H


Specification of 100Grams/H air-source feeding ozone generator

Input power


Working voltage


Ozone output


Working frequency


Power consumption


Gas source

air source feeding

Ozone concentration adjustment


Ozone concentration


Cooling method

water cooling

Unit dimension



Electric cabinet : 304 stainless steel case 

Honeycomb pipe: 316 stainless steel outer

Specification of circulating water cooling system

Product model: LS38-1500

Power consumption: 1250W

Power: 1.5HP

Cooling capacity: 3800W

Pipe diameter: 40mm

Weight: 45KG

Suitable aquarium: 1500L( indoor temperature 38℃,setting temperature 25)

water cooling system

Online ozone analyzer

Specification and installation

Measure range0-200g/m30-100g/m3  optional

Display resolution0.01g/m3

Gas flow1.0L±0.2L/min

Input pressure<0.1MPa

Zero drift<±0.1%.FSMAX:±0.2 g/m3

Sample port size:Φ66mm*4mm

Detection accuracy:±3% reading

Communication modeRS-485

Output mode4-20mAlinear

Power supplyAC 110-220V




Stand configuration of this ozone analyzer: Main engine, waterproof connection head, water proof two way head, corrosion proof flow meter, off-gas ozone destructor

Product features:

a.According to Lambert's-Bill's law, to measure the ozone concentration by photometric absorption principle

b. Continuous on-line to measure ozone concentration (0-200Mg/L) in the outlet pipe of ozone generator

c.  High precision

d.  Adoption of the advanced double beam UV light source system

e.  Zero calibration automatically every one hour to ensure that the equipment can run 24 hours a day

f.   No ozone leakage

g.  Friendly to higher pressure or large flow of ozone gas

h.   Easy maintenance, simple operation, and low running cost

i.    Inbuilt the light source automatic compensation, temperature and pressure compensation

Ozone gas-liquid mixing device

Technical features:

a. With automatic oil charging and discharging function; equipped with cups or containers to measure the oil charging

b. Flow meter display to measure whether there is a leak

c. Air cooling system to ensure that the temperature of the oil tank less than 100 degrees

d. With the function of water filter to ensure that the atomization of oil and gas will not directly enter into ozone destructor to cause fire

e.  With off-gas catalytic function, no generation of residue ozone odor during producing  process