Ozone Air Purifier for Car

O3tech 2016-7-14 16:05:25

Ozone Air Purifier for Car

In recent years, with the development of people’s living standard, private cars are increasing at a high speed. Meanwhile, people begin to pay more attention to the environment and health issues of air quality in the car. Although there is not any theoretical basis for the argument that the car air conditioner can lead to cancer, but there exists harmful substances in the material and long time contact will be harmful to people’s health undoubtedly.

With the surge in China's auto consumption, cars are increasingly entering into the homes of ordinary people. But air quality in the car has become major concern. As what is reminded by the professional, car air pollution can lead to serious consequence and perfume does not have any effect. Car air pollution mainly comes from three aspects:

1.    Automotive parts and automotive interior can release harmful substances. Such as the use of plastic, rubber and other volatile compounds contained in the car. The main pollutants are formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, etc., the car smell unpleasant odor from the release of substances.

2.     The outside pollutants enter into the car. The main pollutant are emissions from other vehicles, including carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, etc.

3.     Automotive emissions of pollutants enter into the car, including the exhaust pipe, fuel evaporation and other means of emissions of pollutants, pollutants, nitrogen oxides, microorganisms, benzene, etc.

Ozone air purifier for car is a kind of equipment which can use the ozone to disinfect and disinfect the interior of the car. Its main functions include disinfection and sterilization, deodorization and odor elimination cab. The ozone generator is used to destroy the structure of bacteria, bacteria and other microorganisms in a short time, which makes it lose its ability to survive. The sterilization is very fast. When its concentration exceeds a certain value, disinfection and sterilization can even be completed in an instant. Ozone air purifier for can is very effective in killing lots of bacteria, fungi, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, oocysts. In terms of killing time, it is  300-600 times of chlorine and 3000 times of UV. Ozone air purifier for car can also effectively remove toxic gases such as CO, NO, SO2, and gas by oxidation reaction. Disinfection effect is immediate. After disinfection, it can be decomposed automatically without odor and any residue. AS it does not contain chemical raw materials, it does no harm to human health and has no impact on the environment. Unlike other disinfection method, ozone disinfection does not have any harmful residues and will not cause secondary pollution. In addition, ozone can quickly be broken into oxygen which does no harm to health.

According to medical experts, due to the compartment is a sealed space, the air pollution situation is worse than the general outdoor. The car chairs, ceiling, dashboard, carpets, floor mats, door panels, etc. for leather, plastics, rubber, fiber, are very easy to shelter dirt after be being used for a long time.

For a variety of bacteria, the ordinary car wash can only remove a small part of them, and the disinfectant will produce a certain corrosion of the metal parts of the car. As the ozone can be quickly decomposed into colorless and tasteless oxygen, after the completion of the disinfection as long as the windows open for a while, there will be no odor. So the ozone disinfection method is widely used by many car beauty service shops.