Introduction of Ozone and its Advantages

O3tech 2016-9-19 14:21:25

Introduction of Ozone and its Advantages

Ozone Advantages:

a.     Fastest Commercial Oxidizer available - more powerful and faster-acting than chlorine or other chemical-based oxidizers and sanitizers.

b.     Ozone is generated with Ozone Generators - you never pay for chemicals or additives.

c.      Environmentally Responsible - Ozone is oxygen-based, not chemical-based and does not degrade into harmful by-products.

d.     Systems are reliable and low-cost in comparison to other chemical technologies.

e.     Ozone has been in commercial use for over 100 years - systems are well understood and applications are well documented.

Ozone is an advanced form of Oxygen that is applied in industries includingaquaculture, odor control, medical treatment, disinfection, pollution control, dentistry, manufacturing, swimming pools, laboratories, hospitals, zoological, municipal water treatment and numerous others. It has been in constant use since its discovery over 100 years ago. It can be used to complement or replace chlorine or other chemical-based treatment systems. In applications where the elimination of chlorine is the goal, ozone is the technology of choice.

Oxidation and Disinfection:

Ozone or O3 provides advanced oxidation and disinfection in applications ranging from water treatment to odor control. Ozone is the fastest acting oxidizer and sanitizer available for commercial or industrial use. Because of this, Ozone has found a home in numerous industries. Ozonated swimming pools can eliminate or reduce the need for chlorination and it’s attendant health problems. Most of the commercial applications of Ozone are aimed at replacing chemical-based oxidizers such as chlorine and sanitizers with a more powerful faster-acting alternative. Besides its powerful oxidizing and sanitizing capabilities, since Ozone is oxygen-based, it is inherently much healthier and safer than a chemical-based system. Ozone is the fastest-acting commercially-available sanitizer and oxidizer on the planet. It is a much faster oxidizer than chlorine, fluorine or or other chemical oxidizers