Ozone Applied for Aquaculture

O3tech 2016-7-13 15:43:45

Ozone Applied for Aquaculture

Ozone is a concept that is no longer unfamiliar to us. Its main effect is for disinfection and sterilization. For fish farming industry, ozone generator is the most thoroughly, convenient, comprehensive equipment for sterilization. Therefore, it is increasingly to be a necessity for every fish collector.

Function of ozone in water: Due to its extremely active characteristic, ozone has strong oxidative. When coexisted with water, ozone can decompose the organic matter in the water, precipitate heavy metal ions and for sterilization and deodorization. The secondary effect of ozone sterilization is the result of odor removal. The principle of ozonation is the same as the principle of ozone sterilization. By combining oxygen atoms (o) and peculiar smell, it can release oxygen (O2) which not only can remove the smell, but also can improve the purity of oxygen molecules in the air. It does not take advantage of ozone itself unique scent to hide the stench, but will decompose the roots of the smelly odor.

Below are several methods for use of ozone generator in aquaculture:

Firstly, ozone machine specialized for aquaculture needs an oxygen filling pump to drive it. To put it in detail:

1.     Connect the oxygen filling pump outlet and ozone machine inlet

2.     Connect ozone gas outlet with air bubble stone

3.     Place air stones into the water and meanwhile turn on oxygen filling pump and ozone generator power

Secondly, people cannot be at the site when ozone generator begins to work to avoid inhalation of ozone which may lead to being poisoned. Then use activated carbon and air bubble stone for adsorption for a few hours before putting fry in the water. That is to say, fish need to be isolated when filling ozone gas.

Finally, ozone can be used to disinfect bait. It is well-known to us that fish eats worms which contain large amounts of bacteria and parasites. What should we do? After buying worms from the market, put them into a bowl full of water and then fill ozone gas into the water. After about 15 to 20 minutes, you can divide them into several bags and put them in the refrigerator storage spare.

In short, ozone is a kind of ideal disinfectant which has wide bactericidal spectrum, quick and complete. Thus, it can save a lot of disinfectant and antibiotic, and have no secondary pollution. Ozone treatment technology of breeding water is a kind of advanced water purification technology which is unmatched by other chemicals.