Advantages of Ozone Generator in the Field of Canned Water

O3tech 2016-10-25 15:39:28

Advantages of Ozone Generator in the Field of Canned Water

 Drinking bottled water is the basic way of drinking water in the country and the State Food and Drug Administration is particularly concerned about this tongue security.The main quality issue concerning bottled water is that the content of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus exceed the standard. And the main sterilization method for canned water is ozone sterilization method. As a leading manufacturer of ozone generators in China, O3 Tech (H.K.) Limited has the following advantages in the field of canned water sterilization:

a. Stability:Adoption of the design of micro discharge of international leading standard, ozone generators manufactured by O3 Tech has the feature of stable ozone output as well as protection settings such as over-temperature, over-flow and water shortage to ensure lasting bactericidal ability.  

b. Higher ozone concentration: The design technology of O3 Tech is different from traditional ozone equipment. The structure is: AC - high voltage package - Inverter - micro gap reaction chamber than the traditional equipment to increase the core inverter system, higher power frequency, higher discharge efficiency; The oxygen system inbuilt in O3 Tech ozone generator adopts PSA pressure swing adsorption principle and its concentration is much higher than that of ordinary molecular sieve. These two reasons account for higher ozone concentration, higher dissolved effciency and better sterilization effect.         

c. Strong controllability: Different from the traditional ozone equipment output gear control, O3 Tech ozone generator with a power stepless adjustment function, ozone output is linearly adjustable. This is useful to adjust bromate overweight problem and the user can calculate best calculate effect by adjusting ozone output to achieve sterilization effect as well as to avoid the risk of bromate exceeding the standard.