Ozone Applied in Aquaculture

O3tech 2016-8-15 15:57:38

 Ozone Applied in Aquaculture

I believe everyone knows the concept of ozone moreor less, and its function is to kill the germs completely. For fish farm, ozone generator is one of the most thorough, convenient and comprehensive equipment usedto disinfect at present. It is very suitable for fish lovers to have an ozone machine. Following method we will share to you, hope useful for you.

Use of the ozone infish farm 

The ozone outlet is connected with the airstone.Then put the airstone into the water. Meanwhile, turn on the power then ozone generator can start working.

Ozone machine can kill the water all biologies completely,including all bacteria and insects. The killing rate is any other sterilization equipment cannot compared.

Sterilization anddisinfection of bait

Fish eat insect as bait, I believe everyone will think that is the best. But because the insect prey contains a large number of bacteria and parasites, so we not only love but also fear this bait.

When we buy the insect back, after washing thenby water, pouring all of them into the a basin filled with water, then making basin water filled with water, and putting ozone into the water directly for15-30 minutes. Finally, you can divide them into several bags and place them inthe refrigerator for storage. When you feed the fish, you just make them is melted by the raw water, and it can be directly fed directly.

Use ozone to treat thefish

Because ozone has good bactericidal capacity,so it has some function for the treatment of some relatively minor diseases and bacterial.

Firstly, put ozone into a basin or bucket for15-30minutes, then close the ozone machine, and place diseased fish were placed in itfor 10-15 minutes, do this processing 2-3 times a day, continue a few days some diseases can be treated.

Note: when you treat the disease, the best time to charge into the ozone is 30 minutes.

Medication to treatthe fish after isolation

When your fish need to be isolated to a smallcylinder for treatment, before do it, firstly we should use ozone machine to fill ozone into the water for 15-30 minutes, which can kill the most of the bacteriain the water effectively. The next when you use this water to treat the fish, itwill have a better assisted effect.

First use ozone generator to fill ozone into thesmall cylinder for 15 minutes, then use activated carbon and airstone to treat thewater for 10 minutes, then you can add the water stabilizer and black water to treatthe water. After 1-2 hours water treatment, you can normally begin to drug to thefish for the treatment.

Use ozone machine to deal with the new water

Making your master cylinder be filled withwater, turning on all equipment, then using ozone generator filling ozone into water about 6 hours, and then closed ozone generator individually and using activated carbon & air stone to treat the water for 6 hours. The next day you can installall filters, and do the regular thing by construction method of cylinder. This process can basically completely kill any bacterium in the water as well asparasites, while doing like this is equivalent to do a comprehensive bactericidal treatment for all of your equipment and devices.