Ozone Applied in Chicken Farm

O3tech 2016-8-3 13:41:32

Ozone Applied in Chicken Farm

With the gradually increasing of people's awareness of food safety, the requirements for food sources are also getting higher and higher. The original chicken raising technology, namely feeding medicine to chickens when being sick is against by more and more people. As we all know, drug residues in the body o of the chicken will be transferred to the human body. Studies have found that most antibiotics in human body come from food instead of from taking medicine.


Then how can we reduce the use of drugs while keeping chicken healthy? Now we would like to introduce a new method for disinfection-ozone disinfection technology.


We all know that it is common that a chicken dies. What is terrifying is that pathogen will spread rapidly and intensively in farmed space. It is difficult to quickly and effectively cut off the route of transmission for an intensive farming space.The traditional way to prevent the spray is to spray disinfectant. But it is more likely to cause a healthy chicken to get sick, and the disease will need to increase the use of antibiotics which can create vicious circle.


Ozone disinfection method can effectively avoid the disadvantages of traditional disinfection methods. The ozone generated by the ozone generator, through the pipeline, quickly reaches every corner of the chicken farm. Ozone sterilization rate is extremely fast, and will kill bacteria and viruses in the millisecond, cut off the spread of ways to curb the development of infectious diseases. What’s more, it is easy to operate.


Ozone generator developed by O3 Tech (H.K.) Limited can remove odor and provide a comfortable working environment for workers as well as a good living environment for chicken. The experiment shows that the growth rate and survival rate of the animals will be greatly improved in a better living environment. This will give investors a better return.