Ozone Applied in Poultry Farms

O3tech 2016-7-19 14:58:33

Ozone Applied in Poultry Farms

From current point of view, more and more people begin to work on poultry farming. At the same time, science and technology is considered as factor of vital importance increasingly and the majority of farmers also pay more and more attention to the scientific breeding. Based on our experience, we would like to demonstrate how ozone generator is applied in pig farming plant.

In pig farms, the traditional method for disinfection is to use chlorine, formalin and other chemical drugs. But to achieve satisfactory effect, doses need to be increased which brings difficulty to control cost. Besides, usage of chemicals will also produce second pollution. What’s more, ozone has stronger oxidability than chlorine and Faure Marin.

During the process of sterilization, bleaching, deodorization and decontamination, decomposition of chemical pollutants, ozone can be reduced to oxygen or generate water. There is no need to worry about that birds may eat disinfection chemicals by accident or the breeding shed are difficult to clean due to secondary pollution.

Livestock farmers tend to worry about the cleaness of breeding farm because diseases caused by bacteria may bring great loss to livestock farming. In the breeding farm, the common drug disinfection is difficult to do completely, and the disinfection work is essential every day. Therefore, the consumption for common drugs is huge and the cost will rise accordingly. By contrast, there will be no concern for this if using ozone generator. In actual operation, it will be okay as long as we can smell ozone gas. Ozone concentration does not need to be too high. It only needs to carry on disinfection and sterilization on a regular basis. Automation operation can be completed which greatly reduces the work load. One time investment, cost greatly reduced. In addition, disinfection effect can be assured. Ozone gas generated by integrated ozone generator reacts firstly with the sporadic odor of pig's excrement. When the odor removal reaches a certain degree slightly smell of ozone flavor when shed of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and other virus basic subsequently be killed. After application of ozone, it can not only achieve purifying and sterilizing effect, air in the breeding farm also becomes fresher.

Besides sterilization and disinfection effect, it can improve the intestinal micro ecological environment if fed pigs with ozonated water. Ozone reduces the number of bacteria in the intestines of pigs, and the consumption of nutrients by the host so as to increase the nutrition supply of pigs and promote their healthy growth.